Annual trade events in Canada worth your attention

The economy of the country is very developed. It has 10th largest GDP in the world. The imports, as well as exports of the country, are highly stable and in direct proportion with one another. The natural resources of Canada are innumerable and the petroleum reserves of the country are the 4th largest in the world. The service sector of the country is highly stable and employs most of the Canadians. Canada is regarded as a country which is very easy to conduct business in. The economy is stable and the business-friendly status of the country has allowed the investors from all over the world to invest money here. Apart from all this the country also hosts high ranking trade events which are both national and international. The businessmen here get the exposure to make sure that the best product and quality is delivered. The government is also concerned about the wellness of trade and business which is a positive point.

Canada’s Farm Progress Show

Canada is one of the largest exporters of agriculture machinery. The farm progress show in Canada makes sure that such machinery is shown to the world. It is also one of the largest events which take place in Canada. It is the annual show which takes place in Regina Saskatchewan. The farming experts from all over the world attend this event to ensure that discussions are done for knowledge sharing. The overall event reach is high which allows the local farmers also get tips to yield more crops per acre. About 800+ exhibitors from all over the world manage the event. The average number of attendees is 40,000+ and increasing.

Global Petroleum Show

As Canada has one of the largest petroleum reserves in the world so the GPS is a trade show that allows the Canadian petroleum sector to showcase their talent. It is one of the largest events in the world with over 20,000+ companies and millions of participants from all over the world. Both public and private sectors from all over Canada participate to make sure that the contracts are signed with the local Canadian companies. This annual event is held in Calgary Alberta and is fully sponsored by the Canadian government. The networking, source and the consumer markets are the main targets of the show. The latest techniques are also discussed among the participants to maximize profits.

Canadian Western Agribition

Dairy and related food products are also exported by Canada to make sure that the GDP of the country increases. The best part of this subjected show is the fact that it is the largest cattle show in Canada. It allows the sponsors to get the best dairy product guides and the technologies which are used to get the results. The CWS is directly managed by the government of Saskatchewan. The dairy lifestyle and agriculture are also made a part of this event. The total number of companies participating in the event is 400+ and the participants are 150,000+. To get exposure in the dairy and cattle industry this event is highly advised.

Canada has Significant Potential to Influence NAFTA Negotiations, says Trade Experts

Talks on the North American Free Trade Agreement have started on 16th August between the US, Canada, and Mexico. The outcome of the discussions means a lot for markets like Canada who depend on the US for thriving. But that view is mostly propagated by the US and the scene of Canada trading is a bit different, points out experts.

The round 1 of the talks saw the US pressing for major changes in the NAFTA and presented some demands which were expected by the trading industry. The US seems to be in a hurry to get over with the agreement before the elections in Mexico forgetting that the other two participants have quite a leverage to sway decisions in their favor.

In view of America, it is a self-reliant large scale market which does not need to conduct free trade with neighboring countries to survive. So it may seem that Canada is relying on America for a favorable outcome of the NAFTA talks. But the situation is a bit different in reality.

Canada is the largest importer for 2/3 of American states being the country’s one of the largest export market. Besides trading, which is one of the main economic branches, there is one more high-popular field in Canada. The gambling industry, presented by a wide range of gaming sources can boast of its trusted websites like Valley Games guide or others, where you can find a list of best Canadian online casino.

Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister argued on the first session of the NAFTA talks that Canada purchased $8.1 billion more than it exported to the USA in 2016. A lot of business interests are linked between the countries and many influential politicians and entrepreneurs can get irked if the USA decides to abolish free trade.

Canada on its part is making sure that it is prepared and fully capable of presenting themselves powerfully in the talks. Ted Alden, a senior fellow at U.S. Council on Foreign Relations said that Canada has developed a comprehensive strategy forming alliances with federal and provincial politicians who are dependent on free trade for their state. The country also has been able to connect with their American counterparts who thrive on the NAFTA. All of them are influential people and can influence the US government’s decisions on the Agreement.

Canada can be benefitted from this backlash from politicians and legislators which will discourage Trump from acting negatively. It will also give confidence to Canada to stand on its arguments and maybe decline from finalizing a bad deal. According to the Alden the negotiation will not be as one-sided as US government expects it to be.

Mexico is also a strong contender as it counts for US’s major agricultural exports. Many legislators and members of the Congress will be displeased if the charges on trading are increased or impacted negatively. Both Canada and Mexico have the potential to put in considerable weight in the discussions and influence towards the development of a fair NAFTA serving the interests of all stakeholders.

Biggest Expo Centers

Expo centers perform a very important role in fostering trade in any country. These sites are specifically designed to make sure that the trade fairs and expos are held. The companies also erect their stalls to lure in the users as well as other companies. There are facilities provided by expo center as well. These facilities make sure that the business and product display is fostered. In the wake advancement in science and technology, it is very important to note that the expo centers are gaining importance with every passing day. With respect to Canada, the country has countless trade as well as expo center options for the businesses. Some of the top Canadian expo centers with state of the art business facilities you can discover here:

Edmonton Expo Center

Located in Alberta Canada this expo center is right in the heart of the country and therefore it is highly regarded by companies. As the name suggests the expo center is in Edmonton which makes it even more important. This expo center has hosted countless business events in the past and therefore businesses know the place well. Before any trade show, it is advised to contact the management of the center to reserve the halls so that nobody faces any hassle at all.

Vancouver Convention Center

Located in Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver this multipurpose expo center has hosted events other than business related. It is therefore highly regarded by business from all over the world. The Canadian export and import partners also prefer this expo center as it has business facilities not to be found elsewhere. Since its inception in 1986, the center has seen massive expansion done in 2009. It is regarded as one of the largest convention centers in Canada. It comprises of two buildings i.e. East and West which complete it in full. The center has also received numerous awards for well-maintained ambiance and classy services it provides.

Exhibition place

If any businesses want to use open space for the exhibition then this district in Ontario is the best place to look for. It also hosts Canadian national exhibition and therefore space, as well as facilities, are numerous. It can host up to 15 million people at the same time which means that the facilities here are the best and numerous. There are many festivals which this center will host in 2017. Due to mixed use businesses of every kind are always welcomed and therefore the district is used as the multipurpose convention center.

BMO Center

It is one of the best and largest expo centers in Calgary, Alberta. Formerly known as Roundup center the convention center is the second largest in Canada and therefore has been regarded by businesses from all over the world. The expansion has started in March 2016 and the complete project cost is $500 million. Stampede Park which is located adjacent to this center can also be used to make sure that space is used for good. Business expos are held at this place throughout the year and therefore all business related facilities can be found here.

Trading expos in Canada

Trade in Canada is a topic that has several branches and all of these have a deep impact on Canadian Economy. It is also one of the best ways to make sure that the economy not only gets a boost but the financial requirements of different sectors are also fulfilled. Trading in Canada has also seen the boost in the recent year and it is all due to trading facilities which are provided by the government. It is also worth mentioning that the best companies from all over the world want to invest in Canada. To fulfill the purpose there are numerous trade expos of every sector which are held in Canada. Some of the famous trading expos which are held in Canada are as follows. The organization of these expos in Canada also shows that how much the Canadian government is serious about the trade sector of the country:

Global Petroleum Show

This event is held each year to make sure that the petroleum sector gets a boost. Every economy in the world depends on oil to run the machines and factories. Global petroleum show held in Calgary each year makes sure that the best outcome is generated for the companies working in Canada and they get international recognition as well as exposure. The OPEC countries are also invited each year namely KSA and Kuwait. This show also draws the attention of the investment sector of different countries and they make sure that Canadian Petroleum gets the boost it deserves. The companies participating in this show provide with all the necessary knowledge, technique and skills to make sure that the newcomers get an idea about what the industry is all about.

Canadian Furniture Show

Household and Interior design is also something which gets a boost when it comes to Canada. There are several companies which are working in this regard and Canadian Furniture Show is the best platform to showcase their talent. In this show companies from all over the globe participate and discuss ideas on how to make this show a real success. There are certain organizations which place large orders with the local franchises so that a global stability is created in the market. Similarity the Canadian companies also purchase technology which is worth considering in the field. New products are launched and new suppliers are also attracted. This awesome show takes place at the International Center Toronto.

The buildings show

The real estate cannot be ignored if a country wants to flourish in trade. Canada is well aware of the fact and therefore there are some of the best companies which join hands to organize the buildings show. This show attracts prospects from all over the world so that knowledge and technology is transferred and shared. Held at Metro Toronto Convention Center the finest from all over the country as well as the world gather to discuss tips, techniques, and strategies for real estate business development. Providing competitive advantage to all companies through development of new SOPs is something this show is after.

Top Imports and Exports Worldwide

The import export stats from countries all over the world show that every economy tries its level best to increase exports and reduce imports in every possible manner. Policies are formulated and measures are taken to make sure that long-term plans are implemented. In simple language, import is a service or good purchased by a country from another. Export, on the other hand, is the good or service delivered or sold to another country. Below are some of the top imports and exports as per worldwide trend. This shows how much every country is concentrating on economic growth.

Top Imports worldwide

Below is a list of top imports by countries from all over the world:

Aircraft & Spacecraft

Every country wants to lay their hands on space. It has been estimated that in 2016 the total imports in this regard have surpassed $5 trillion. This shows how each country is after the space capture. Top imports of the technology are Germany and India. Getting into space race is definitely costly and the cost of imports is therefore high. Third world countries are also participating and therefore increasing their space spending.

Cars and automobiles

No country is the exception to this. Cars and automobiles are imported by nearly every country in the world. However, the countries with indigenous production facilities and brand association try their level best to refrain. However, this is of no use at all as China has dominated the market. The business-friendly policies of the Chinese government have allowed nearly every brand to establish the facilities in the country. Cars are driven in every country and progressive countries make sure that the stuff is imported to meet the local demand which is otherwise not possible. Canada does import cars and vehicles in large amounts too.

Top exports Worldwide

Below are the top exports of countries from all over the world:


If we take Canada as the example then it becomes clear that in the year 2016 alone the country has exported over $7.4 billion worth of medicines to the world. Even American companies are now collaborating with Canadians to make sure that the worldwide pharmaceutical sector is captured with ease. It is also regarded as fastest growing export of the country. There are many other examples which clearly indicate the professional use of chemicals can bring in the large stash of cash. The governments of the world should also support such countries to change the scenario.


Are there any countries that don’t wear clothes? Certainly, none remain naked and this is the main reason behind increasing cotton exports. China is the biggest cotton exporter and in 2016 the exports have exceeded $15 billion worldwide followed by India, the United States and Pakistan. However maintaining the figures is a daunting task especially for third world countries like India. It is because in such countries there is no proper government planning for cotton farmers. Online casinos are a great way to import money to any country as these spots are limitless. As to Canada there are big opportunities for online casinos too.