Annual trade events in Canada worth your attention

The economy of the country is very developed. It has 10th largest GDP in the world. The imports, as well as exports of the country, are highly stable and in direct proportion with one another. The natural resources of Canada are innumerable and the petroleum reserves of the country are the 4th largest in the world. The service sector of the country is highly stable and employs most of the Canadians. Canada is regarded as a country which is very easy to conduct business in. The economy is stable and the business-friendly status of the country has allowed the investors from all over the world to invest money here. Apart from all this the country also hosts high ranking trade events which are both national and international. The businessmen here get the exposure to make sure that the best product and quality is delivered. The government is also concerned about the wellness of trade and business which is a positive point.

Canada’s Farm Progress Show

Canada is one of the largest exporters of agriculture machinery. The farm progress show in Canada makes sure that such machinery is shown to the world. It is also one of the largest events which take place in Canada. It is the annual show which takes place in Regina Saskatchewan. The farming experts from all over the world attend this event to ensure that discussions are done for knowledge sharing. The overall event reach is high which allows the local farmers also get tips to yield more crops per acre. About 800+ exhibitors from all over the world manage the event. The average number of attendees is 40,000+ and increasing.

Global Petroleum Show

As Canada has one of the largest petroleum reserves in the world so the GPS is a trade show that allows the Canadian petroleum sector to showcase their talent. It is one of the largest events in the world with over 20,000+ companies and millions of participants from all over the world. Both public and private sectors from all over Canada participate to make sure that the contracts are signed with the local Canadian companies. This annual event is held in Calgary Alberta and is fully sponsored by the Canadian government. The networking, source and the consumer markets are the main targets of the show. The latest techniques are also discussed among the participants to maximize profits.

Canadian Western Agribition

Dairy and related food products are also exported by Canada to make sure that the GDP of the country increases. The best part of this subjected show is the fact that it is the largest cattle show in Canada. It allows the sponsors to get the best dairy product guides and the technologies which are used to get the results. The CWS is directly managed by the government of Saskatchewan. The dairy lifestyle and agriculture are also made a part of this event. The total number of companies participating in the event is 400+ and the participants are 150,000+. To get exposure in the dairy and cattle industry this event is highly advised.